The Top Health Benefits of Matcha

The Japanese Green Tea has been labeled as Yoga in a Cup for a reason: its production process enhances its best qualities, being not only a stabilizing drink but also a healthy one. It has never been easier to include this power drink in your daily routine, but in case you need more reasons to do so, here are the top health benefits of the matcha.

One bowl of matcha has over five times more antioxidants than any other food.

Because of the Japanese Green Tea production process, it has 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. And that’s saying something! If you are into the green, healthy food trend, you surely must have read the word “antioxidant” everywhere, and that is because antioxidants have super powers!

By drinking matcha you are giving your body defense agents, your body will be better prepared to ward off infections and chronic illnesses. And as if this wasn’t enough, the antioxidant also have anti-aging qualities, so they will help you keep your body young!

It is a Weight Loss Champion

Japanese green tea will tackle weight loss from the two main fronts: it will help you burn fat, and it will boost your metabolism about four times faster than with regular diet programs. With no side effects! Pure Matcha is also a practically zero calorie drink, which means you can drink as much as you want if you are feeling hungry, making it the ideal partner for a weight-loss program.

It boosts energy in a healthy way

Samurai used to drink matcha before going to battle because the drink helped them increase their energy levels. Monks would drink matcha in preparation for long hours of meditation since it helped them stay calmed and focused. What does this mean to us humans today?

Japanese green tea is the ultimate energy drink, we have proven today that the uses our ancestors gave to the matcha were accurate. The combination of caffeine with L-thionine has a unique effect on the human body, giving it sustainable energy levels suited for any activity.

It has detox properties

The high levels of chlorophyll in the Matcha are responsible for removing heavy metals and toxins from our bodies, naturally purging us and cleaning our organism so that it can work like a well-oiled machine!