Hiyashi Chuka – An Authentic Japanese Cold Ramen Recipe for This Summer! Try It Today!

Hiyachi Chuka is a popular summer-special Japanese snack that is served with chilled ramen noodles & various colorful toppings. Popular topping options for this Japenese dish include strips of egg crepes, boiled chicken, ham, tomatoes, cucumber, and capsicum. The best part is – you can easily customize the toppings according to your personal food preference.

This is a pretty common and prevalent cold noodle salad recipe for Japanese people. The recipe features a perfect blend of health and taste. The main hero of this delectable delight is hiyashi chuka noodles. You can easily find packets of hiyashi chuka noodles in Asian grocery stores. If you are unable to purchase hiyashi chuka noodles, you can prepare this recipe using any types of noodles. Just make sure that the noodles (you’re using to prepare this salad) are thin and sleek.

Ingredients for Hiyashi Chuka Noodles

Four packages of either hiyashi chuka noodles or any other kinds of noodles, strips of ham or boiled chicken breasts (1/4 lb), one chopped cucumber, two beaten eggs, one chopped tomato, and chopped capsicum.

Ingredients for Dressing

1/3 cup of fresh water, three tablespoons of rice vinegar, two tablespoons of soy sauce, three tablespoons of sugar, and one tablespoon of vegetable oil.

In-depth Recipe Guide

Follow the below-mentioned four simple steps to prepare this healthy and tasty Japanese salad in hot summer days.

Step 1: Bring a small bowl, add the beaten eggs, put some sugar, and mix them well. Bring another skillet, put some oil and heat it up (in medium oven temperature). Pour a quarter of egg mixture in the skillet.

Step 2: Spread the egg mixture gently and fry it until done. Once the omelet is perfectly fried, make thin slices that will be later used for toppings.

Step 3: In a large-sized bowl, pour lots of water and boil it. Now, add the noodles and boil them up for a couple of minutes. Drain & cool the boiled noodles under cool runny water. Next, place the chilled noodles into individual plates.

Step 4: Now arrange the toppings colorfully including cucumber, ham, boiled chicken, capsicum, tomatoes and egg strips.

Before serving, you should add a little amount of vinegar and soy sauce to offer a better punch to this dish.

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare this tasty and healthy chilled Japanese snack at your home & enrich your taste buds.