Tips on How to Enjoy Rainy Holiday

Rain, all of us long for it throughout the year, but when it starts, most individuals fear to go to the outdoors. Although most people like spending the season indoors, there a lot do to enjoy your holiday. The following tips will help you to enjoy and make most of the rainy holidays.

 A woman wearing a trench coat
First, get a trench coat. A trench coat is indispensable, especially during this season. This coat will not only keep yourself protected from water splash but also keep your body warm. Luckily, there are many trench coats available today in different designs and colors. These coats are also very affordable and easy to maintain. Purchasing a cute trench coat will save your outfit from the rain and still look cute.

Fashionable rain boots
Next is to look for wear rain boots. During this season, you cannot wear the regular footwear that you do in your daily routine. Most footwear is not water resistant and is spoilt easily during this season. For this reason, you need to purchase rain boots. These boots are water resistant keeping your feet warm and dry even after walking in the rain. The rain boots are available in different styles and colors, making it easy to find a pair that matches your outfit.

Prepare extra socks and towels
When visiting the outdoors, there are some of the items you need to have in your backpack. First is to carry an extra pair of socks. You can wear these when you take out your shoes to enter a temple. In the rainy season, your shoes can easily end up being soaked after walking in the rain for long. The worst thing that can happen is to find you walking in the temple with soggy socks. You can also bring along a towel to dry your jacket and bag. If your jacket or bag is drenched, drying with a towel will allow you to fold it easily and place it next to your shoes on the shoe rack when entering the buildings. Although this is not a mandatory protocol to observe, it is better than having the jacket dripping all over the place.

Bright colors allow you to look best in the rainy season so remember to add color to what you. Instead of wearing cotton and other materials that get soaked easily, go for coat constructed using water resistant materials. Denims are great but can be best worn in the form of knee length. Having a waterproof bag is crucial to ensure that your stuff remains dry and safe.

Japanese umbrella, "Wagasa" is stylish.
Japanese umbrella is an essential item to have especially during this rainy season. Japanese umbrellas are cute and available in both short designs that you can easily stow away and long elegant design that makes you stand out. Unlike European, Japanese umbrellas have thin and gorgeous designs and look absolutely beautiful with their colorful patterns and pictures. If it is the first time to use this umbrella, you will find the sound of rain as it hits the wagasa is very pleasing. Unfortunately, this is not something that other western style umbrellas can replicate. So if you would want to refresh your spirits and stroll around the sightseeing spots in Kyoto, ensure that carry your wagasa. You might find yourself enjoying the experience and incorporating it in your daily life afterwards.

We hope that these tips will help you to have a good time in your holiday during this rainy season.


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