Japan’s Secret for Longevity: Meet the Umeboshi!

Japan’s plum trees prove a beautiful blooming season for flower watchers all over the world. It has been a part of the Japanese culture for centuries and provides not only a beautiful sight but also a delicious and healthy fruit.
The plum is frequently used in medicine for the general well-being of recovering patients, but if eaten regularly, everyone can benefit from its wonders to our health!


The skin of the plums contain elements called bainiku-ekisu which help the arteries to harden. With stronger arteries, the risk of heart failure diminishes, and the overall health of the heart is improved!
 A healthy person

Ulcer Prevention

Umeboshi has two potent factors to prevent stomach ulcers: it is highly antibacterial, and it reduces gastrointestinal inflammation. Most ulcers are caused by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which is almost entirely suppressed by the antibacterial properties of the umeboshi.

The de-bloating of the gastrointestinal area also helps the walls of the stomach keep thick since they tend to produce fewer stomach acids and the thin stomach walls are ulcers favorite sport in our bodies, which means that by thickening them, we reduce the possibilities of having ulcers or significant gastrointestinal diseases.
Umeboshi rice ball


Japanese umeboshi is also a potent antibacterial, starting in our mouths, it eliminates most of the harmful microorganisms that live in our gums, keeping them healthy and clean, and since everything in our bodies may enter through the mouth, it cleanses the interior of the body too. As a bonus, it prevents halitosis!


Umeboshi has a high antioxidant count. Antioxidants help our overall health, they improve our joints, helps us fight against major diseases, keep our skin young and our organs well oiled.
Umeboshi - good taste and healthy

Added benefits

The umeboshi will also boost your organism by helping you fight against fatigue, getting over a bad hangover, stop vomiting and general nausea (it’s an amazing way of preventing morning sickness in pregnancies), dysentery, diarrhea, infections, toxic liver, and runny noses.


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